Thursday, August 7, 2014

King's Concert, Introduction

     After doing a few reviews and doing more research to find other candidates to discuss, I have come to an impasse of sorts, a dilemma, if you will.  I prefer sharing good music with the world and to introduce people to songs and bands they may not have heard or even considered prior, but this preference prevents me from discussing albums and bands I really dislike because then I feel like I am doing a disservice;  talking about the music out there I believe should not be heard and thus essentially telling people, "Just keep searching for better music, good luck." With this thought in my mind, I have come to the decision to do a different type of post in tandem with my album reviews. This series will be called King's Concert.

     The concept of this biweekly affair is as follows:

1. There will be five songs premiered every other week and will be the songs I had been listening to a lot those two weeks prior to the post.

2. These will all be from different artists, though if I feel it necessary I may reference other songs by the artist in question in the description.

3. No repeated songs between the weeks. there is so much music I have an listen to that I should not ever have to repeat myself, though repeating artists is acceptable, as long as I refrain from doing so as much as possible.

4. The songs in question can be from any time, they do not need to be recent. It would be ignorant of me to say or believe that the only music I listen to regularly is new music.

5. The description per song I post will not be very long, a paragraph or two at most. A particular song can be discussed in length if necessary but the point of this is more to showcase what I have been listening to recently, not to necessarily analyze it. Though I may do so if I feel like that is required.

     The first volume will be released tomorrow, Friday, August 8th, and subsequent volumes will be posted every other Friday. I believe that this set up will give me much more time to spend thinking about the album reviews while at the same time allowing me to quickly discuss the songs that have kept me going through the previous weeks.  Again, this is not a strictly "metal" show; I listen to just about every genre so usually expect a smorgasbord of artists that range anywhere from metal to pop to r&b to jazz, though if I tend to stick around the rock/metal area, do not be surprised by that either.

     This will also be largely open to suggestion, so if you have some stuff you think I should listen to, please let me know by any means. Comment on this page, message me if you have my Facebook, email me or even tweet me, whichever you prefer.

                                                                           Happy listening!

                                                                                              -Last King of Denmark

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