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King's Koncert, v. 2

King's Koncert, Volume 2

"I Don't Need You" by Dark New Day

(There is not video for this specific song, this is the entire album. "I Don't Need You" starts at 7:36 and ends at 11:09)

     Dark New Day is one of those hidden gems that unfortunately got swept to the wayside and at this point, nobody is even sure what is going on with them. As a supergroup, the band members are preoccupied with their main projects but continue the illusion that the band is still "together", even releasing a "new" album in 2013. I say "new" since the album was revealed to be made up of a bunch of unreleased tracks that had been recorded 6 or 7 years prior, during the recording of their debut album Twelve Year Silence, which actually was able to produce two charting singles.  This song, "I Don't Need You", comes from their second album, New Tradition, which was basically shelved for five years itself due to recording company troubles.  I am thankful it actually got released since Dark New Day is a great example of high-quality modern hard rock, due in large part to the member's vast experience with other bands.  In fact, the drummer, Will Hunt, is my second favorite drummer period, considering basically everything he has worked on has turned out well. Skrape, Evanescence, Bloodsimple, Device, and Crossfade being just a few other examples, besides Dark New Day.  The band also includes the Lowery brothers, shredding it on the guitar and bass, as well as Troy of Seether, Evanescence and Sevendust fame on Rhythm Guitar and Brett on vocals, who is probably the least experienced, yet he obviously knows what he is doing, reminding me a lot of other good hard rock bands like Solid State Logic.  It's very nicely paced song with the appropriate amount of anger present in a lot of hard rock and demonstrates all of the member's skills, particularly Will.

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"Stampede" by Accept

     So Accept, for those not in the-know, are one of the main metal influences for a lot of the bands that grew up in the 80's and 90's, being one of the first speed and thrash metal bands. Originally, they had Udo as their vocalist, who left for a period, returned, and left again to found his own metal outfit, U.D.O.. Accept had a shaky period in the late 80's and early 90's due to Udo's bouncing between his own band and Accept, leading to the band disbanding in 1997. They officially reformed just a few years ago with new vocalist, Mark Tornillo, and many people were skeptical at first, but not after hearing Blood of the Nations, Mark's first album with the band and Accept's 12 album in total. They then made Stalingrad, which was also universally well-received, and Blind Rage, which came out just a week ago. This single was released to support the album and its one HELL of a support.  Listening to this sounds just like the good ol' speed metal bands of days gone by, and even throws a bit of classic Judas Priest in there as well.  Basically imagine a mixture of Overkill, AC/DC, and Judas Priest, and you get Stampede. In my mind, that's a great combination, and many would agree. Accept are also notable for being one of the bands to popularize the use of dual guitars that move in tandem in concert and thus the guitar work for Accept has always been a high point, maybe even being the most important part.  Even with the heavy repetition, the song never gets old and I can barely sit still listening to it, it makes you want to stampede your enemies in the mosh pit and just raise hell with the lot of 'em. Good stuff, and one to look out for as some of the best stuff of the year.

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"Drawing a Blank" by Cherri Bomb

     Cherri Bomb. Where do I start with these guys? Or girls, rather. The band was founded in the late 2000's as an all-girl rock group and they entered the scene with their EP, Stark, in 2011, which I somehow stumbled upon whilst browsing Youtube that same year. Immediately, I was hooked. They knew how to play, they all knew how to sing, and they knew how to write, a trifecta of awesome for any self-respecting rock band, but it gets even better: when Stark was released, the four girls that made up tho whole band ranged from age 15 to age 13. This fact blew my mind! I advertised this band to every single person that would listen, and even some that wouldn't, as the future of the rock scene, and I still believe that to be the truth. They were so talented for their age and when This Is The End of Control came out a year later, they just got better.  They have since departed with one member, Julia, and since recruited Casey as the new lead guitarist, which has given them a lot of flak. People would complain about how since Casey is male, he should not be in Cherri Bomb. I say: Who cares? Oh, that's right, the BAND does. It is their decision who they want to ask to play with them, they do not need to conform to the angry purists that disregard his obvious talent simply because he has a Y chromosome.  Anyway, Drawing a Blank is easily one of my favorites off of the album, featuring an insanely catchy guitar part, some really fun lyrics to sing along with and a great chorus that features the entire band singing, making it even more powerful than some of the other songs.  I want to see this song live someday, as Cherri Bomb are one of the few bands I have supported so heavily that I have yet to see in concert, but the band still has school to juggle so it is hard for them to go on tour as regularly as others. Still, i'm calling it guys, future of Rock right here. Cherri Bomb. Get it straight.

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"Old Man" by Redlight King

     Mark Kasprzyk, which I am thankful I can type and don't have to pronounce, is a Canadian singer/rapper who had established himself as Kazzer earlier in the 2000's before he dropped that name to form the new project, Redlight King. To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed in Redlight King, because I had envisioned it as the new Everlast, particularly after hearing this song. I'd say the rest of the album, Something for the Pain, is still decent, there are even a few tracks I listen to frequently on there, but I am colored by that assumption, even though it was an unfair one to make and hold onto. Anyway, this song made news since it was the first time ever that Neil Young had actually given someone permission to sample his song, "Old Man". You didn't think the title was just a coincidence, did you? And also, to be frank, I actually like this song a lot more than the original song. That may be because I do not like Neil Young too much, mainly because I would hear his CDs on repeat as a child, courtesy of my father, but I just think the sample was used extremely well: the song kept to the theme and meaning of the original song and it blended well with the more modern conventions that Mark added to the song. Just throw the song on, close your eyes, and nod along. Its a great experience and, just like the original song, it conveys a feeling of sadness and motivation for change at the same time. One of the best sample songs ever released in my opinion, up there with many of the Fatboy Slim songs and "Frontier Psychiatrist".

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"Brumblebassen" by Trollfest

     And now to the weird stuff. Do I have a clue what they are talking about? Nope. Do I care? Not really. I think it has something to do with bees, hence the bee sounds and the music that makes you think of a buzzing bee. A buzzing bee the size of a mini-van. A buzzing bee the size of a mini-van moshing with other car-sized insects and kicking the shit out of them because its a frickin' bee.  See, and we can have fun with the bee too, because its a bee, and not its cousin, the wasp, which is the biggest A-hole of the insect world. A bee would be there to kick ass and have a good time, probably drunk on nectar, but a wasp would go, perfectly conscious of what it is doing, and bring brass knuckles and knives into the pit. Because its a jerk. Anyway. This song. The bee sounds and the accordion that gives you a feeling like you are on a wild ride with the bee are perfect for an out-of-its-mind band like Trollfest. I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys in concert and even though they were playing for a crowd who largely did not know who they were, they still went all out and got the crowd to oin in with their crazy antics, easily one of the funniest bands i've seen live.  They even do the brand of folk metal I usually do not care for, but they are just simply venting their insane minds, and I commend them for it. Hell, they even made up a Troll-language that they use in all of their lyrics, who else does that? Even if someone else does, they would not be as light-hearted about it as Trollfest. So go ahead and sing along with the songs, chances are you'll get something right eventually, particularly in the chorus.


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