Monday, December 15, 2014

My Top 12 Albums of 2014 Introduction

My Top 12 Albums of 2014

     'Tis the season to be jolly, and in order for me to be jolly, I need to listen to lots and lots of music, otherwise I go insane (hence the name of the Blog).  Now, last year I started this Blog by doing My Top 12 Albums of 2013 and I got quite a good response from that; I had people come to me saying they loved what they heard and thanked me for introducing them to the music and some say that they thought my music taste was pretty much the worst ever. Thankfully, I had much less of the latter and more of the former, so it is only natural I do my Top 12 again this year.  Why Top 12? For the 12 days of Christmas, obviously!

     Now, I am a little late this year, but these things happen.  I still have my goal of getting these done by Christmas Day, meaning i'll be doing 0-2 a day, depending on if I get too busy to post a listing, though I will strive to keep it at one a day from now on.

     My tastes DO vary quite heavily, so expect to see a wide assortment of music in these 10 or so days to come.  Last year, I had music from Melodic Death giants Soilwork to Pop-Rock outfits like Fall Out Boy.  So, if you see my post and listen to a song and find it is not to your liking, simply come back later, there may be something more appealing in the days to come.

     There were about 50 or so albums I had to narrow this list down, as there was a smorgasbord of good music released this year, despite my initial belief to the contrary, but remember that this is MY Top 12 Albums, so these are the ones I personally enjoyed the most, which may or may not be what I believed were the actual Best albums of the year.  I try to stay objective about what I think is the best and what I like, so I'm making this distinction now that this is my personal favorite albums.

     I will probably also release a post of Honorable Mentions; albums that just nearly missed the list and were incredibly hard for me to cut, but that'll be closer toward the end of the list. I may also make a post for my Dishonorable Mentions, or the albums that disappointed me the most this year, as a lot of the albums on this list were not the ones I was looking forward to when the year began.

     I have delayed long enough, so let's get this party started!  Please let me know what you think, whether it be positive or negative reactions to what I say or just the music.

Thanks for listening in advance!


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