Tuesday, March 3, 2015

King's Koncert, v.3

King's Koncert, Volume 3

"Our Time" by Alien Ant Farm

     Yes guys, "That band that covered Smooth Criminal" is back, and they're here to remind you that they are much more than just a one-hit wonder cover band.  I have loved Alien Ant Farm for quite some time and I still claim that their album truANT is one of the best alternative rock album's I've ever heard, but they have been absent for quite some time now, not releasing an album since Up In The Attic in 2006, almost a decade ago.  Thankfully, with the help of their Pledge campaign where they attained 159% of their goal, AAF were able to fund their new album, which is just as great as I and the other pledges expected.  "Our Time" has to be my favorite on the album, as it has received the most consecutive plays according to both my iTunes and my Spotify, though "Burning" is very close to that count as well.  I like this song a lot for the funky beat that radiates through the entire track and the numerous musical boundaries that Alien Ant Farm crosses.  This is a very unique song for them that could have easily backfired due to the risks taken, but the anthem-style bouncing song succeeds in every regard, even with the unexpected rap verse near the end of the track.  It's a fun little song and I find myself grooving to it every time it comes on, regardless where I am.

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"Alpha" by Periphery

     About a year or two ago, I succumbed to an intense addiction to Progressive Metal, though most of my addiction came from the soothing sounds of Porcupine Tree and Spock's Beard, as well as more energetic ones like DGM.  However, I did also dive a bit into Djent, trying to find something of value there.  I was attracted to the palm-muting present in Djent music but could not get into much else outside of Veil of Maya and TesseracT, as well as a couple Meshuggah songs I already knew.  Earlier this year, one of the founders of the genre, Periphery, released a double album, Alpha  and Omega, and I decided to check a bit of it out, to see if the founders could attract me in a way that the others could not completely accomplish.  Spoilers: Periphery did. I believe the reason that I like Periphery more than the others in their genre is because they use the palm-muting found in Djent music, but not as obnoxiously as others I had been hearing. It's hard to describe, but I believe Periphery uses it more as a musical element rather than a tool to differentiate their music from other forms of music.  Check it out for yourself to see what I mean. By the way, props to Periphery for making the catchiest intro hook I've heard thus far in 2015.

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"Out of the City" by Audrey Horne

     Crap. How did I miss this gem from 2014? After I finalized my Top 12 List from 2014 and was 3/4 of the way through posting them, I ran into Audrey Horne's magnificent Pure Heavy album, featuring great hard rock and roll tracks sung by a man that is like the Danish version of Ozzy, though much more understandable.  Basically every song on the album is great and worth listening to, though my favorites are "Out of the City" and "Tales From the Crypt".  This one is probably the best song to throw on for the start of a long road trip, as it lends itself perfectly to setting a positive and adventurous mood for a long journey.  For me, it's up there with songs like Danko Jones' "Code of the Road" in that respect, and it always puts a nice smile on my face. Also, the video has Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth and his wife in it, so what's not to love?

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"Dungeon Master" by Visigoth

     Get out you pencil and your paper and start rolling d20's, its a song about Dungeons and Dragons! I am an avid D&D player, I prefer Pathfinder or 3.5 over other editions, and when I stumbled across this song on Youtube, I was elated.  Visigoth are part of the ongoing trend known as the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, which is basically a bunch of bands like Visigoth and White Wizzard looking back to the golden days of 80's and 70's heavy metal and asking "What happened to the good ol' days?"  Hence we have a lot of these bands trying to recreate the sound of old, mainly failing, but then we have bands like Visigoth who recreate Traditional Heavy Metal sound while blending their own flair into the mix, keeping it from sounding old and tired.  They released their first album The Revenant King in January and for a debut release, it is astonishingly good, similar to Noble Beast's fantastic debut last year and Evertale's the year before that.  It is a great pickup and this song is specific is one of the catchiest on the album, particularly if you played or play D&D like I continue to do.

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"Bite Your Kiss" by Diamante

     *Insert Red Hot Chili Peppers Joke Here*.  Now that that is out of the way, let's actually look at this song and the singer, Diamante. This one I found only a couple days ago and boy am I glad I did. Diamante has been exploding on the hard rock industry lately and for good reason, despite being incredibly new and still lacking a full studio album under her belt. Wining multiple hard rock awards already, Diamante has been compared to a modern-day Lita Ford, which I would say is quite accurate, though I'd also compare her to the frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen, though with obvious differences. For instance, Diamante tends toward heavier beats than Taylor, which I appreciate, and honestly, she is a better singer than Taylor.  Giver her a year or two and I bet that Diamante will be one of the hottest names in hard rock, particularly if she keeps cranking out quality tracks like "Bite Your Kiss."  This is a nice "edgy" song with a good anthem-style beat that really allows Diamante to show her vocal talent.  Add Diamante to the list of young stars to watch in the coming years.

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