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King's Koncert, v.4

King's Koncert, Volume 4

"Heracleion" by In Each Hand a Cutlass

     Most people will agree to not judge a book by its cover, but I will be honest, the album artwork is what made me check out this band.  It is a true testament to what a great piece of art can do to draw people in to something they had never heard before, much like most of Blind Guardian's artwork.  This song comes from a band named In Each Hand a Cutlass, an instrumental progressive rock band out of Singapore and one I have no experience with whatsoever; I seriously just found this album a couple days ago. I haven't listened to it all the way through yet but from what I've gathered, it could easily be one of the best of the year, impressive for being just their sophomore effort.  This track, "Heracleion", is so far my favorite and actually had me voice out loud "This song is awesome" to myself with no one around. That either means I am crazy and have started talking to myself or this song is just that great. It starts off very smooth and calm, almost relaxing, but it just keeps building and building all the way until the end of the song like an incredible rush of adrenaline.  I want to classify this as progressive rock, but it transcends that moniker, breaking into multiple different genres in the course of one song, but without being jarring to the listener.  Give this one a listen, you won't be disappointed.

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"Kids in the Dark" by All Time Low

     Okay so if you don't already like Pop Punk, just skip this one now, because I doubt this will change your mind on the subject.  I've held this belief that basically all Pop Punk bands from the 90's and early 2000's have either dropped off the map or should have dropped off the map due to their recent releases, such as Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and All-American Rejects.  The only one that retained its quality, and arguably improved, was Sum 41 with Screaming Bloody Murder in 2011, and maybe Fall Out Boy too. However, I heard All time Low were coming out with Future Hearts this year so I decided to check it out. The album is kind of hit and miss with the first half up to "Cinderblock Garden" being the better portion of the album.  Most of it is your standard fare but this one really grabbed me, even though lyrically its just a toned-down anthem for kids/teens you would find on any Sum 41 or Green Day album.  The beat is just really infectious and its pretty fun to sing along.  For 90's kids like me that enjoyed what they grew up with, this could be a nice nostalgic trip for you.

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"Something Good" by Dead Sara

     Lately there has been a resurgence of Hard Rock led by strong female vocals in a similar vein of Halestorm rather than Paramore.  Bands like The Pretty Reckless have been making waves around the music charts, as well as Diamante, which was featured in my last King's Koncert, and I myself was even able to see The Pretty Reckless preform in concert last year (though to be honest, I more went to go see Adelitas Way who was supporting them on the tour).  However, I believe strongly that Dead Sara's debut album Pleasure to Meet You leaves the rest in the dust. I believe that out of all 11 songs on the album, there is one that I do not particularly care for, which made it difficult to pick one to include on this list, as I was torn between "Something Good", "Feel Right At Home" and "Radio One Two".  This is one of those bands that I feel can transcend time, as I believe they could have been huge back in the 70's or any decade up to the 2010's and even Dave Grohl stated that he believes they will be the next huge rock group.  The best adjective to describe their music is probably euphoric and that is all I will say about it, its something you seriously need to experience for yourself. Take a listen to what is one of the best releases of the year.

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"Stolen Credit Card!" by Four Year Strong

     Ten years after the release of their debut album, Four Year Strong are back and better than ever, releasing their self-titled sixth album.  For those new to the band, their song names usually do not have much to do with the actual songs and are instead movie references, this one coming from Home Alone.  The lyrics are probably my favorite part of this song, featuring this incredible line, "Take a leap of faith without learning to fly / It's my time to shine, i'm gonna light up the world / Till i'm the last one standing!", among many others.  The music is mostly melodic hardcore, though it features a great deal of punk as well, which all pretty par for the course for Four Year Strong, but it remains as fresh as ever.  It would be remiss of me to not note that the drumming on this track is particularly excellent, keeping up the beat and leading the song without you even noticing at first.  If you have never heard of Four Year Strong before, this is a great place to start.

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"Open Fire" by The Darkness

     I didn't even know there was a video for this song, I just knew that listening through their new album, Last of Our Kind, this was my favorite.  The Darkness are a band that have been around for quite some time, famously helping to bring back Glam Metal in the early 2000's with "I Believe in A Thing Called Love" (though my favorite has always been "Growing on Me"), and now they are back with this The Cult-sounding hard rock bombastic track that shows their reluctance to stick to one particular sound and their talent to succeed with experimentation.  The Darkness have always been kind of a silly band, and this song is not real exception ("Give me a hug on a sheepskin rug") but this song seriously kicks ass and is a great adrenaline pumper.  Need some energy? Throw this on and you'll be set for hours.  The rest of Last of Our Kind is pretty decent, but this is easily the highlight and should be featured in everyone's updated exercise or workout mixes.  Enjoy the glory that is The Darkness.

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