Wednesday, August 19, 2015

King's Koncert, v.5

King's Koncert, Volume 5

"Cut the Cord" by Shinedown

     A dozen years after their debut album, Shinedown are set to release their fifth album, Threat to Survival, mid next month (September 2015).  Shinedown, in my mind, are a shining example of a band that can do no wrong, consistently releasing better and better material as the years go on, including one of my top albums ever, The Sound of Madness.  As of this writing, they have leaked two songs for the public to enjoy: "Black Cadillac", which is fairly decent and will probably become better once I hear it more; and "Cut the Cord", which is a great way to preview an album.  It starts off very... odd, but soon breaks into a choir singing about freedom before blasting into the hard hitting meat of the song.  This wall-pounding, foot-stomping beat ingrains itself in your head and provides for a great anthem beat that you will soon be chanting.  Great fuel to the fire for die-hard Shinedown fans like me and a good introduction for those fairly new to the band.

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"Speed of Light" by Iron Maiden

     Iron Maiden is BACK and better than ever! These guys are living legends, even if you don't listen to metal much, you've probably heard about Maiden before and their 40-year lifespan is enough to earn your respect. This song comes from their upcoming sixteenth album, The Book of Souls, and takes influence from their previous effort, The Final Frontier, while also sounding slightly like some of their classic tunes from Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son.  For those not well-versed in their Maiden history, this is a good thing, as Final Frontier was certainly good, but lacked something, and I think from what I'm hearing in "Speed of Light", The Book of Souls may just fill in that gap.  It is a great upbeat song that shows that no element of Iron Maiden has slowed down, particularly Bruce Dickinson, who sounds just as good as he did back in the 80's. Also, I want to play he video game made for the video as long as this song is on repeat constantly in the background.

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"Lifeless" by Pyogenesis

     This is one that I am sad to say I am completely new to the band. Pyogenesis has been around for quite some time and has been heralded as one of the originators of Gothic Metal, which many of my favorite bands are a part of, so naturally I have heard their name before. That is the most I know of the band, but upon seeing the album artwork for their new album, A Century in the Curse of Time, which included a stylized Steampunk locomotive surrounded by all kinds of gears and an octopus, I became interested. Sure, I judged a book by its cover, but sometimes that leads you to this.  I haven't listened to the album yet, which came out on August 14th, but I am eager to after finding this gem of a song/video on Youtube.  It took me a bit by surprise at first because the guitars were definitely Doom Metal sounding but then singer Flo V. Schwartz started spitting out his lyrics. His voice is, unique, to say the least, and it may be edited to fit the Steampunk theme, but it is seriously intriguing. After hearing the song once, the only word in my mind was "what", which made me go back and reaffirm what I had just heard.  This song grew on me pretty quick and it may do the same to you if you are into Gothic or Doom Metal with clean, understandable vocals, which I definitely am.

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"The Nights" by Avicii ft. RAS

     So you may be looking at this entry thinking "What the...? This doesn't align with anything else on this list" and you would be correct, it doesn't. It is also probably one you already know, since this is the only song on the list to not come out in the past month, and since it is Avicii, it has probably been on the top charts for some time now. However, I am a bit late to this one, so bear with me. I used to not think much of Avicii, but after listening to a few songs I realized that most of his work is not really profound, but it is definitely enjoyable, and deserves no hatred. I have heard many complaints directed toward him and his like, but really, most of his work is harmless, this song in particular.  Its just a nice upbeat tune with a decent featuring singer/songwriter RAS that will quickly get into your head. If the pop charts were filled more with this than what I normally see there, I would be much happier, personally. So you go Avicii, keep making happy little tunes. Side note, the lyrics in this song are actually pretty good, a better alternative to the YOLO-craze.

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"Universe on Fire" by Gloryhammer

     Okay, so this is probably my favorite song on the list. I originally had another song to display here, until literally today when I ran into this one and immediately fell in love.  Gloryhammer is an incredibly new band, forming in 2010 and releasing their debut not long after, but they exploded on the scene due to their origins, particularly that of founder Christopher Bowes, who also founded and sings for the hilarious pirate-themed metal band Alestorm, who are downright incredible.  Bowes put this troupe together as a tongue-in-cheek Epic Symphonic Metal band that pokes fun at bands such as Rhapsody of Fire and Dragonforce that put out such over-the-top tunes as "Rain of a Thousand Flames" (RoF) and "Heroes of our Time" (DF). Don't get me wrong, I love the epic over-the-top metal music, it just sounds and feels incredible, which is why Gloryhammer are so great: They know what they are making is semi-ridiculous so they hold nothing back while supporting it with incredible sound.  This song is no exception and is just a delight to hear. Listen to it for yourself and just watch as your lips slowly turn into a smile and you start bobbing along to the infectiously happy and glorious beat. Their second album, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards, is due out in late September. I know i'm getting it, and you should too.

Click here for Gloryhammer's official website
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"Universe on Fire" is not currently available on iTunes or Spotify, if this changes, I will update this section to reflect that.

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