Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Top 12 Albums of 2015 Introduction

My Top 12 Albums of 2015

     For the third year in a row, I am back to look at what albums released this year caught my attention. As always, my list will comprise of twelve albums with only two restrictions. First, they must have been released in 2015. There are many albums that I listened to this year that were not from 2015 but ended up becoming some of my favorites, but to be an analysis of 2015, they must have come from 2015. Second, they must be albums that I personally enjoyed or had a connection to. This may seem obvious, but I always need to reiterate that this list is MY Top 12, as in the albums that I personally enjoyed the most and not necessarily the albums that I believe are the best of the year.

     Now, I am a little late this year, as I was last year, so I do not expect to have this list finished and posted by the time 2016 rolls around.  I will try my best to post one every day or two, but since this is the holiday season, I may be a tad busy with family and other obligations. I hope to have the entire list up by mid-January.

     My tastes DO vary quite heavily, so expect to see a wide assortment of music in these days to come.  Last year, most of the music posted was some variation of metal, from pirate metal to power metal to j-metal, etc.  This year, it will vary as much as the list from 2013, which varied from Melodic Death Metal to Pop Rock.  So, if you see my post and listen to a song and find it is not to your liking, simply come back later, there may be something more appealing later.

     I will probably also release a post of Honorable Mentions; albums that just nearly missed the list and were incredibly hard for me to cut, but that'll be closer toward the end of the list. I did not do an Honorable Mentions last year, but this year it was a lot harder to narrow down the list to just 12, and I very nearly expanded the list to a Top 20 to get everything I loved in, but that is probably a tad overwhelming both for the readers and myself, so I'm sticking to twelve.

I hope you enjoy something on this list and thank you for reading this!


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